The Snap Track system contains multiple accessories, both common and unique, to transition, guide, and protect cables.

We offer Wire and Cable Clamps, Junction Panels, in addition to Snap Track Wire Spools and Mounting Brackets, designed to eliminate “pig tails” that commonly occur at the instrument connection. We also provide Cable Ties and Snap Track Grommets.

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Snap Track Junction Panels

TechLine Mfg. junction panels, also known as brick panels, are an innovative product allowing for efficient field mounting of network junction boxes. 

• Connects directly to Snap Track tray with patented push pin, allowing uninterrupted routing
  of cables to and from the panel.

• 2” Aluminum side rails protect cable and junction boxes from side impact.

• Can be pre-drilled for or supplied with customer specified junction boxes.

• Mounts to Snap Track channel stands.

Junction Box Panels

Junction Box Panels
STBRL-24-24-AL-2 24." 24" .125" 11 lbs.


Note: Part number and dimensions shown apply to a Two (2) “Brick” panel. Single and multiple brick panels are available, to specify change (-2) to indicate number of bricks and specify manufacturer. 

Installation Guide:

1. Cables maybe secured to side rail guard using Snap Track cable ties.

2. Single “Brick” panels can be mounted on Snap Track STWFCB-4-4-AL waterfall fittings for direct connection to cable tray runs.

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