SnapTrack Cost Reduction Analysis

Spanish Fort, AL – March 22, 2013 – Techline Mfg. understands that in today’s economy; contractors, engineering firms, and end users in the heavy industrial industry are looking to save time and money, and lots of it.

Techline Mfg. is pleased to announce it is here to assist, the SnapTrack cable tray system was designed to drastically reduce installed cost through superior strength, which requires fewer supports, and reduced labor cost by utilizing patented Push-Pin technology. The SnapTrack system was developed to be an alternative to conduit and wire basket trays in an industrial environment, for the purpose of transitioning low power, signal, control or other data cables from ladder type tray to the point of use.  

After numerous installations since the launch of SnapTrack in 2009, Techline Mfg. compiled a comprehensive cost comparison study. The study documented a 50% installed cost reduction when SnapTrack was used in lieu of conduit. The SnapTrack system also proved to provide a 15% installed cost reduction when compared to traditional (bolted) ventilated bottom channel cable tray system.

Due to the drastic installation savings customers in the Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Power, Pulp & Paper and Solar Energy industries have specified  SnapTrack as its’ alternative to conduit and wire basket systems when transitioning from ladder tray to the point of use.

Techline would like to assist you in doing the same. For more information or a copy of the comprehensive Cost Comparison Study please contact Techline Mfg. directly.

Techline is a leading industrial manufacturer of tubing trays, cable trays and instrumentation supports. Techline is committed to continuous improvements and customer service. Should you have any comments or suggestions on how we may better serve our customer base please feel free to contact us. For more information on Techline or product information please click here to contact us.


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