"What If" Questions Lead to Innovations at TechLine Mfg.

When customers ask “What if,” TechLine Mfg. responds with innovative products to meet the industry needs. Below are a few examples.

What if we could find a way to attach an instrument stand to the beam without welding?

Our Beam Mount Bracket fastens an instrument stand to a structural steel beam, eliminating the need for welding or drilling, saving time and money.

 What if we could make a transition without having to drill into the tray? 

 Our Ladder Tray Transition resulted from a customer need to transition a cable into large radius fittings from ladder tray. Quick, efficient and safe.

 What if we could easily transition multiple cables out of a single cable run with one fitting?  

TechLine Mfg. created a solution that would allow cables to transition from one cable run into two directions using our Snap Track Take Off Fittings, providing a perfect solution for our customer. They may be ordered in a number of sizes and configurations allowing for increased flexibility: one or two exits, 2”, 4” or 6” widths. 

 What if you could attach Snap Track directly to an instrument stand? 

 TechLine Mfg.’s Instrument Support Kit, combines various components to create a unique arrangement for connecting Snap Track cable tray in either a horizontal or vertical plane, transitioning instrument cables to supports.

 How can we help you find innovation solutions to your challenges in the field?

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