TechLine Mfg. Offers Technical Paper on Galvanization Longivity

One of the common questions regarding TechLine Mfg. galvanized products is in reference to the life expectancy of galvanized steel. The corrosion rate of galvanized steel is linear and dependent on two factors; atmospheric conditions and the thickness or millage of the coating. TechLine Mfg. galvanized instrument stands, brackets, channels, and angles are quality controlled and galvanized per ASTM specifications (ASTM -A123). The minimum required coating thickness is found in Table 1 of the specification. In the case of instrument stands (Sch. 40 pipe) and channels (12 Gauge), the minimum is 3.0 mils. With knowledge of the given millage coating thickness TechLine Mfg. recommends specifiers refer to the Time to First Maintenance Chart available through the American Galvanizers Association.

Normal atmospheric corrosion should not be a concern when selecting a galvanized coating. However, it should be noted that the American Galvanizers Association TFM chart does not apply to the estimation of galvanized coating life in the soil, water, or when exposed to corrosive chemicals.

For corrosive applications, TechLine Mfg. offers alternative materials and coatings including aluminum, stainless, metallized, powder coating, and paint.TechLine Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of instrument and cable support systems. Our factory is located in coastal Alabama from which we service industrial facilities throughout the world. We have a very strong presence in the US Gulf Coast industrial market for which galvanized products are predominantly specified.

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