TechLine Mfg. Products Help Save Labor in the Field

TechLine Mfg. takes pride in providing innovative products that help save labor in the field. TechLine Mfg. manufactures a number of products that help our customers reduce field fabrication and increase efficiency by reducing total installed costs, from our standard instrument stands to our innovative Snap Track cable tray system, to innovative brackets. See a few of our labor saving products below.

Our Beam Mount Bracket is great at saving time and trouble in the field. This bracket is efficient for hanging wall-mount stands, lighting fixtures or other items to a support beam with no drilling or welding required. Just simply tighten the bolts. This product is a game changer for those who have used it.

Our great value items such as custom brackets save welding time and assembly in the field. Let us take that time and trouble from you and deliver them to you ready to install. Just tell us the length you need! We have a new brochure that includes all of our bracket products here.

Using standard sized instrument stands saves design time and field fabrication. We offer numerous sizes and stock many of them for quick delivery from both our Alabama and Texas locations. For a complete list of our instrument stands, please click here. To view all of our instrument stands, click here.

Our customer love our Snap Track cable tray system. Recently one customer described it as “revolutionary in the electrical construction business.” We agree, and recently studies confirm it; these studies reveal 50% total-installed cost savings over conduit, and 15% savings over other cable trays. With our patented push pins that snap our trays together like an erector set, installation is quick and easy. Discover how Snap Track can save you time and money by reading our Snap Track vs. Conduit Cost Comparison Paper. To learn more about Snap Track, give us a call or view videos here. TechLine Mfg. provides free product training for all projects.

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