Let TechLine Mfg. Help You on Your Next Shutdown

Industrial plants and facilities of all types need to be shut down on occasion for planned maintenance, upgrades, additions, new equipment, etc.  These shutdowns, (also sometimes referred to as turnarounds or outages,) are carefully planned in advance. At other times, operational or safety incidents occur and facilities are forced into unscheduled shutdowns for various reasons.

When a facility is shut down, so are the revenues, and operators risk significant financial loss if the plant is shut down longer than planned. Regardless of the type of plant or the cause of the shutdown, planned or unplanned, it is imperative to safely complete the work required and get the plant back up and running again.

A planned shutdown’s success is dependent on many factors.  These include a well-defined scope; a detailed plan; a project controls plan that captures labor, materials, equipment on a shift-by-shift basis; a budget management system; and dependable contractors and suppliers. An unplanned shutdown’s success requires many of these same factors, however, the careful planning in advance is obviously not always a possibility.

Among many factors that lead to a successful shutdown, it is important that owners/operators have the help of dependable contractors and suppliers that are responsive, nimble and have the personnel or supplies needed at the ready in order to accomplish the goals. This is even more true when things go wrong and require last-minute personnel or equipment to get the project completed.

TechLine Mfg. is a part of that mix.  Our mission is to provide innovative products and excellent customer service. Our goal is to make your job easier, whether during a planned or unplanned shutdown, or a regular project. We accomplish this goal by providing solutions our customers’ challenges in the field. We listen as our customers discuss the challenges they face, and we work together to find ways to make those challenges become opportunities for success, both for current project and for future ones. This not only saves time today, but provides time and labor savings equipment for future projects.

Some examples of our time and labor-saving products include our pre-built instrument stands, a new modular rack product, beam mount brackets, and other support brackets. Our Snap Track cable tray system, which uses our patented push-pin technology, is installed much more quickly than conduit and other cable tray, allowing time and labor savings in the field.

TechLine Mfg. can help you achieve a successful shutdown by providing innovative products that save you time and money and also maintaining inventories of many needed products available for immediate shipment.  Examples of our cost/labor saving products include:

  • Pre-built support brackets
  • Beam Mount Bracket
  • Snap Track Cable Tray
  • Prebuilt instrument stands
  • Modular rack systems


Examples of our inventories available include:

  • Angle
  • Cable Tray
  • Support brackets
  • Clamps
  • Instrument Stands
  • Modular rack systems

Let us know how we can assist you in achieving a successful shutdown.

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