Snap Track Channel Tray Supports Brewery Cabling

It’s no secret that microbreweries and brewpubs have been all the rage in the past few years, and the trend doesn’t seem to be waning. The number of breweries in the U.S. more than doubled in the last six years from less than three thousand in 2012 to over 7000 in 2018.   As new breweries come on line and existing breweries expand, the market for all products brewery-related have been on the rise; kettles, kegs, boilers, fermentation tanks, piping and tubing, process equipment, etc.

No matter what the stage of processing to result in a new IPA, micro brew or lager or other craft brewery product, each and every stage needs to be measured… from milling to mashing, to fermentation to filtering. This requires a quick study into process instrumentation, and then the next step is to determine how the cables leading to those instruments will be supported.  This is where TechLine Mfg. can help.

TechLine Mfg. offers services to help develop the bill of materials (BOM) for whatever electrical/instrumentation runs are needed. Recently, a micro brewery in Oregon needed help determining exactly what was needed for their fermentation area and all the process instrumentation required. Each of those devices must be connected, and each of those cables need support getting from the instrumentation to the controls. TechLine Mfg. specializes in instrumentation and electrical supports for many industries, and microbreweries are no different.

Our application engineers can take your drawings and develop a BOM for our Snap Track channel tray product. This exercise includes determining the straight runs, the connecting pieces (fittings) and our unique support products that result in an aesthetically pleasing and efficient installation. In addition, Snap Track goes together with ease, utilizing patented pushpins instead of traditional fasteners, eliminating the need for tools and reducing labor required. Call TechLine Mfg. today to find out how we can help with instrumentation and electrical support needs for your brewery.


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