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Use Snap Track to Reduce Installation Costs on Your LNG Export Facility Project

What do LNG facility owners, engineers, and contractors know? They know that TechLine Mfg. offers numerous electrical and instrumentation support products that provide for efficient construction of an LNG export facility.  From our innovative cost-reducing Snap Track channel tray, to our other support products such as instrument stands, support brackets, and more, TechLine Mfg. provides products that save time and more importantly, labor, on a construction project.

How Does Snap Track Channel Tray Save on Labor?

Many industrial customers have learned that using Snap Track channel tray saves time and money on a construction project. Snap Track is used to support cable from ladder tray to point of use. It is used for long runs, instrumentation cable (drops/runs), motor applications (power/control drops), lighting, tube bundles, etc. One customer recently told us,

“With Snap Track, you can fly while installing cable. Instrument drops are so much easier.” 

Snap Track, assembled using innovative push pins, installs quickly without the use of nuts, bolts, or tools. Made of extruded aluminum with an inward-C shape splice, its lightweight construction works in conjunction with its strength, giving installation personnel the best of both worlds. With the massive footprint that LNG facilities require, the span distances that Snap Track can allow results in fewer supports and greater efficiencies, reducing design time, material costs, and labor.  Snap Track comes in 20-foot lengths. Support spans can be upward of 14+feet, depending on load. This is especially beneficial on the long runs needed to cover the distances required in an LNG facility. Furthermore, Snap Track comes with numerous innovative fittings. These fittings reduce field fabrication, another way Snap Track reduces labor costs. Snap Track includes typical fittings, and many unique fittings as well, including specialty splices, reducing and plane adapters, waterfall exit fittings, ladder tray exit fittings, and many others. We also produce custom fittings as required.

One benefit that our customers tell us that really stands out about Snap Track is its flexibility. As one customer told us recently,

“There are always late design changes. Conduit would have been hammered on rework and delays on our project. The flexibility of Snap Track speaks for itself. Design changes are a piece of cake with Snap Track.”

TechLine Mfg. has products installed on all recent domestic LNG facilities. These products include Snap Track Channel Tray, Traditional Channel Tray and Angle, Support Brackets, Instrument Stands, and other support products.

Contact us today to find out how TechLine Mfg. can help you save money on your industrial construction project.

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