TechLine Connections: Meet Daniel Busby

Every week day, Daniel Busby shows up early, shortly after 6 a.m., to get things moving in the TechLine Mfg. welding facility in Spanish Fort, AL. Soon after, his crew shows up to start their shifts, cutting pipe, welding instruments stands, forming fittings, cleaning parts, and whatever else is needed. TechLine Mfg. hasn’t slowed down much since so many changes have affected the daily lives of people all over the globe. As a manufacturer supplying instrumentation and electrical supports to oil & gas facilities, chemical plants, power plants, and others, the company is an essential business.

Busby has worked at TechLine Mfg. for more than 20 years, moving up through the ranks to become plant manager. According to him, business hasn’t changed too much in the last couple of months. The welding crew is busy with new customer orders and building to inventory when the orders are complete. But some things have changed. Busby has to ensure that work stations and employees are safe distances apart. The crew doesn’t go out to lunch together anymore, and he says he misses face to face meetings with production and operations managers and others in the company, as everyone maintains social distancing. “I’m a face-to-face guy,” says Busby. “I am getting used to more phone calls and online meetings, vs. the one-on-one meetings from just a few weeks ago, but we are making it work, and getting the job done. I’ll do everything I need to do to make sure our customers have what they need during these times.”

Thanks, Daniel, for everything you do!

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