TechLine Connections: Meet Tim Lafon

It seems that no one has been in as much demand at TechLine Mfg. during the current Covid-19 crisis as Systems Analyst (aka computer geek), Tim Lafon. Once the governor of Alabama gave the stay-at-home directive, Lafon was busy ensuring that anyone who could work from home could, well, actually work from home. Between phone systems and computer programs, and teaching people to use connection products such as GoToMeeting and Zoom, Lafon had his hands full.


While the business development group has always worked from remote locations, the Covid-19 pandemic required many others to work from their homes as well. This included the entire inside sales group, marketing, operations, accounting and even the receptionist. Luckily, with the VOIP phone system the company  selected in the recent past, most employees were able to take their phone from work and plug it in at home, and have it work seamlessly. The receptionist was able to transfer calls to others in their homes, just as if the employees were down the hall. According to Lafon, the phone system has really been an awesome part of this whole event, seeing as how it was relatively painless.


With Lafon’s help, everyone quickly got settled and was able to work successfully from home. Some of the users had challenges, so Lafon helped them get through their change in processes, all resulting in a fully operational business within just a couple of days.


When asked about his accomplishments, he replied, “I’d like to think that we are able to work from remote locations just as well as from the office and still take care of our customers.” Indeed, business has flowed as usual, thanks to smooth operations within the information technology systems and everyone’s dedication to getting their jobs done. Quotes have been developed, orders received, and manufacturing and shipping staff have been able to meet customer requirements as normal.


Thanks, Tim for all you do!

Tim Small Techline Employee 


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