TechLine Connections: Meet Anthony "Bop" Hayward

On a normal day in the Shipping and Receiving Dept. of TechLine Mfg., you see a number of employees counting product, assembling product, and packing it for shipment. A very large presence in the area, both literally and figuratively, is Anthony Hayward. Known affectionately as Bop, a throwback nickname from his high school beat boxing days, Hayward has been with the company for 13 years.

When asked to discuss changes made in his area since the Covid-19 pandemic began, he cites the typical changes, such as additional sanitation, dealing a little differently with the truck drivers coming in and out of the facility, and keeping distance between employees. Overall, he says, not much has changed. They are still working daily to ship out product to our customers, who are still requesting channel, angle, instrument stands, and other products to job sites around the country.

According to Hayward, “All the employees here are doing their part to keep everything going. It’s been kind of weird with some of the employees out of the office, but I try to keep a good attitude. I appreciate this job and that they are keeping us here working during these times. It’s great that we can help get our customers what they need.”

Thanks, Bop for all you do!



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