TechLine Connections: Meet Pamela Johansen

Pamela Johansen wears many hats. She joined the company a year and a half ago as receptionist and bookkeeper. Since then, she has added payroll, human resource responsibilities, and other activities to her job description.

The Covid10 crisis began, but Johansen’s job didn’t stop. When all office staff were sent home to work, she was still making sure that everyone received their phone calls from customers, transferring from her new home office. TechLine Mfg. believes it is important that a human being answers the phone when it rings, and Johansen is usually the one at the end of that line.  She was able to use our phone system from home and answer as usual, transferring calls to others who were working from home.

Johansen said it was challenging not to have all the information she needed when customers had questions, so she did whatever it took to find the information and satisfy the customers. To meet those needs, she came to the office nearly every morning to handle activities she couldn’t perform at home, such as credit card transactions, researching accounts, etc. Now that everyone is back at the office, she has all her information at her fingertips, taking care of customers and employees; back to business as usual.

Johansen says that over her career, she has found that “It is never too late to change how you accomplish your tasks. Everyone has to adapt to new situations, new changes, but everyone at TechLine Mfg. has done their part to make things work.”

Hat’s off to you, Pam, for all the hard work you do.

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