TechLine Connections: Meet Patrice Coudeville

TechLine Mfg. has launched a series of employee profiles showing how our team is making connections to the industry during Covid-19.

Patrice "Pat" Coudeville cuts pipe. Lots of pipe. For more than eight years, Coudeville has worked for TechLine Mfg. cutting pipe for the large number of instruments stands that the company produces (over 40,000 in 2019). He also works in other areas of the manufacturing plant as needed, such as drilling, testing condensate pots, cleaning products, etc. When one talks to Coudeville, you can feel the great pride he takes in his work. He wants to be sure he brings all his best -math skills, spatial skills, efficiencies - to the forefront to determine the best cut of the pipe to keep waste to a minimum and to excel at doing his job.

Since the Covid-19 crises began, Coudeville says he hasn't seen much change in his work habits, other than using caution to stay socially distant from other workers. Coudeville says he enjoys his job, staying focused on being productive, reducing waste, and making sure he meets the demands of the welders waiting for his pipe in the next step of the manufacturing process, and ultimately for the customers who use the instrument stands for mounting analyzers and other devices in industrial plants.

He enjoys the fact that the group he works with is flexible, knowing how to do several jobs to make the most of the staff when the job requirements change. He says he appreciates the management at TechLine Mfg., who takes the time to talk to every employee.

According to Coudeville, “I am proud to work for TechLine Mfg. This company deserves to do well. We all work very hard to meet the needs of our customers who receive our products. The people around here “get it,” and I like these guys I work with.”

Thanks, Pat, for all you do!

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