TechLine Connections: Meet Colin Clarke

After graduating from Auburn University in 2015, Colin Clarke got paid to do what he is passionate about; work on boats. He worked for a friend, prepping the boat for trips, as well as performing some restoration projects. Connections from that job eventually led to an inside sales position at TechLine Mfg., where Clarke has been employed for five years working with customers on the inside, and sometimes even getting his hands dirty in the warehouse, helping on projects when needed.

Covid-19 brought changes to his job, as he moved from the work office to his home office for over a month. The timing was great for him, though, as he had a brand new baby girl to get to know. Clarke said he really enjoyed working from home, staying connected with customers while also having more time with his wife and new daughter. He enjoyed the time at home, while still being able to get his job done answering calls and providing quotes for TechLine Mfg.s customers. While most of his job was easily done from home, Clarke said that some tasks were more challenging. Things such as the procurement process and knowing the timing of shipments from the galvanizer required more internal phone calls with other staff members. All in all, the challenges were overcome, the jobs were completed, and the customers received their product on time and in order.

Said Clarke, “It was great that we were able to completely get our jobs done from home when we needed to. I appreciated the time at home, but am glad to be back in the office where things are starting to get back to normal.”

Now, after hours, you will find Clarke working on his own boat, a 23’ Seacraft, or playing with his baby girl. During the day, give him a call. He will help you out!

Thanks, Colin for all you do!


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