TechLine Connections: Meet Carlos Garcia

Learning a trade before getting out of high school was important to Carlos Garcia.  He took advantage of a program in Baldwin County, AL., to gain that skill before he graduated, and that has served him well.  After graduating, Garcia joined TechLine Mfg. and has been with the company for three years, welding both carbon steel and aluminum.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, he says there have been a few changes to his job, spending a little more time cleaning and making sure to be socially distant from others in the company, but the job itself has changed little. With demand staying pretty steady, he spends his time welding fittings for TechLine Mfg.’s Snap Track channel system, as well as condensate pots and other products.  He says he likes staying busy and having the opportunity to weld every day at a job he enjoys.

When you talk to Garcia about his job, you can feel the pride he takes in making sure that he does a good job. “I am always curious about where our products end up in the plants, and how they look there. I want to make sure the customer is happy with how our products look in the field.”

Thanks, Carlos, for all you do!


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