TechLine Connections: Meet Jeremy Mabrey

For over four years, Jeremy Mabrey has worked at TechLine Mfg. as design engineer, handling everything from developing engineering drawings and managing the library, to performing calculations to determine structural and load bearing capabilities for our products, including wind loads. As a trained electrical engineer, he also helps with electrical issues in the business, including performing maintenance and upgrades to the CNC Plasma cutter and other electrical tasks as they arise. He also participates in NEMA, helps with NEC requirements, etc.

When asked how the COVID-19 crisis has affected his work and how it is done, he replied that nothing really has changed. When many of the other office colleagues worked from home initially, Mabrey chose to stay at the office. He had the computer power he needed at the office, plus, his job requires him to work closely with the production staff, and that is much more difficult to do from home. Regarding customers, he feels that it has been easier to reach them during this time, as so many worked from home and were not out in the field. According to Mabrey, “Questions they ask have been easier to get answered since they seem more available for details, vs. when they are in the field and get so busy.”

Mabrey says that he enjoys working for TechLine Mfg. and helping provide solutions to our customers.

Thanks, Jeremy, for all you do!


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