Instrument Stand Technical Papers Available

TechLine Mfg.’s expertise on instrument stands comes from the experience of building tens of thousands of instrument stands per year. To share our knowledge, our technical experts have written several white papers on the subject, including galvanizing vs. metalizing, galvanizing life span, and the pros/cons of gussets as well.These are available all the time on our website (see links below).

The Galvanizing vs. Metalizing paper discusses the pros and cons of galvanizing and metalizing specifically for use on industrial instrument stands and supports. Industry standards for hot-dip galvanizing include two main standards for instrument stands, along with a few other supporting specifications. For instrument stands, the following are used: ASTM A123/A123M: Standard Specifications for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products (which requires a finish that is continuous, smooth and uniform); and ASTM A153/A153M: Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (hot-Dip) on Iron and Hardware. For a complete list of galvanizing standards, see

We also offer a paper on Galvanized Life Expectancy, which discusses how long you can expect galvanizing to hold up in an industrial setting (a very long time).

The Instrument Stand Gusset paper discusses the benefits, pros and cons of adding gussets to an instrument stand, and whether the extra cost is worth incurring.

Our standard sized instrument stands literally stand ready for shipment all over the continent, with heavy inventory levels at both our Alabama and Texas locations. Our standard sizes include 52, 54 and 60 inches, including singles, doubles and triples. We also keep a stock of channel stands, often used for emergency stop buttons and other applications. Selecting standard sizes and materials saves you money and time on a project, with standard sizes costing less, and with lead times at a minimum. For a complete list of our instrument stands, including those we regularly stock, please see this list.

While standard sizes can often be used, there are times when custom sizes are needed. TechLine Mfg. is there for that, too. Our Fabrication Department can provide a wide range of stands, customized to your needs. Contact us today for any custom stand needs.


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