TechLine Mfg. Carries Mounting Hardware & Accessories for Instrument Stands

TechLine Mfg. offers a wide range of mounting hardware and accessories for instrument stands.

We offer two types of grating fasteners to mount stands and other devices onto existing grating services. Our Beam Mount Bracket allows you to fasten a wall- mount stand to a beam without welding or cutting. This unique bracket is also used by our customers for mounting cameras, t.v. monitors, lighting, and more.

We also offer our unique capillary spools. When installing analyzers on instrument stands, many contractors want a method to manage the analyzer/flexible tubing that is routed to the stand. TechLine Mfg.’s Capillary Spools provide a handy accessory for doing so. Owners appreciate the protection and professional-looking installation the spools provide, as well as the added safety benefits.

Capillary spools simply attached with a U-Bolt and work with our pipe stands. The tubing is coiled neatly inside the spool, keeping the tubing safely and neatly out of the way. Hot dip galvanized is standard, and we also offer this product in stainless steel and other finishes. For more information on capillary spools, click here.


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