TechLine Mfg. Celebrates Welding Month

April is National Welding month, a time for recognizing an industry and skill that keeps American growing. Skilled welders build products, form infrastructure, and keep the economy booming.

TechLine Mfg.’s army of welders builds condensate pots, instrument stands, and racks, among many other products supporting electrical and instrumentation cables and devices in facilities ranging from LNG to refineries to wineries and power plants. Our welders are certified in steel and aluminum and stay busy building the pieces and parts that most people don’t even know exist, but provide a valuable service to industry.

Skilled welders are in great demand, and this demand will only increase as our economy continues to recover from the Covid pandemic. Our economy needs young people developing this skill to continue on the great tradition of welding. According to Daniel Busby, plant manager for TechLine Mfg., “It is difficult to find all the welders we need these days. We are hiring right out of high school and providing training to a number of employees, and we need more all the time. I would encourage any young person looking for a great career to consider welding.”

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