TechLine Celebrates 40 Years Of Business and Innovation

Spanish Fort, AL: TechLine International, also doing business as TechLine Mfg., is celebrating 40 years of business in 2022.  The company was founded in February 1982 as Technical Specialties and has grown in ways not ever imagined in its earliest days. To celebrate the 40-year milestone, the company is planning an employee celebration later in the year, as well as other activities.

TechLine began as a distribution company for process instrumentation products, operating out of Daphne, AL. In the early ‘90s the company began manufacturing instrumentation support products for industry. Products such as tubing supports, clamps, and instrument stands as well as channel tray were manufactured and sold under the TechLine Mfg. brand. As heavy industry instrumentation disciplines moved from pneumatic toward more electrical, customers began looking for supporting ventilated channel trays that were UL classified. As a result, the company worked with industry leaders to develop TechLine Mfg.’s innovative patented Snap Track ventilated channel product line. Introduced to the market in 2009, Snap Track aluminum channel tray has since become a common method for supporting both tubing and cables in many industry sectors, including oil and gas, chemical processing, biofuels, LNG, and even food and beverage.

In 2012, the company sold the Technical Specialties distribution sector and name, leaving the remaining businesses of TechLine International as the parent company, and TechLine Mfg. as the manufacturing entity, both which still exist today.

TechLine International is an importer that works with other companies to develop and source products from outside the U.S. The team works with clients to develop prototypes that are manufactured overseas and shipped to the U.S. Products include forgings, castings, valves, and tubing, all used in industrial facilities. The company maintains inventories of these products for customers and ships them when needed.

TechLine Mfg. is a manufacturer of instrumentation and electrical supports and provides quality products to industrial jobsites and facilities around the world. Products, including ventilated channel cable trays, instrument stands, racks, brackets, and more, support instrumentation and electrical components throughout industrial facilities. The company is innovative and strives to develop products that help save time and money in a plant/facility environment, providing solutions to industrial constructors and facility owners. Customers include large oil & gas and chemical processing companies (end users), industrial building and electrical contractors, industrial suppliers, distributors, and others.

The company has continued to grow, adding the Houston Regional Service Center in La Porte, TX, In 2016. This location keeps a large inventory to service the Greater Houston area, as well as the western US.

“I am excited and proud that our company has grown to what we have today. I give great credit to our dedicated employees who have worked steadily along the way, through both good times and challenging times, to strive for excellence and innovation, and to achieve success. I’d also like to recognize our long list of customers in many industries, who have provided us the opportunities to serve them. I am excited about our next chapter.” says Wendy D’Olive, president/owner.




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