TechLine Mfg. Announces New Clamp Product Series

TechLine Mfg. is excited to announce a new series of tubing clamp products, developed in conjunction with Ridgeline Clips technology. The new clamps are suitable for offshore use for running tubing in TechLine Mfg.’s Snap Track channel tray product and other industry tubing support products.

The clamps are manufactured of high density polyethylene, which is non-abrasive and resistant to both ultraviolet light and chemicals. The material eliminates the potential for tubing corrosion caused by dissimilar metals, which is a common problem with other clamps on the market.  The unique style of the clamps features air gaps on each side of the tubing, which promotes water run off and faster dry time, ultimately resulting in longer tube life and cost savings for the project.  The clamps are available in various sizes, with options for number and size of tubes to fit within the clamp.

“We are excited to partner with Ridgeline to offer these new clamp products already in great demand from our early customers. The anti-corrosive nature of the materials is already proving to be the perfect option for offshore and coastal applications. We look forward to introducing more sizes going forward as the market demands,” said Ric Lacey, sales manager for TechLine Mfg.


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