Industrial Jobsite Problem #124

Industrial Jobsite Problem #124

-Need to mount an instrument stand onto grating platform
-Need a way to avoid too many hardware pieces and parts
-Need to save time and money by avoiding fabricating fasteners in the field

These are the jobsite challenges when trying to mount an instrument stand or support onto grating. Some field workers use J-hooks to do this, and often, they are made in the field with all-thread that is on hand. This takes time and aggravation, especially when having to make them on site. If the all-thread is cut at a bad angle, it won’t work. It is also easy to drop the hardware down through the grating, costing even more time to find it and fetch it. The fab yard is often too far away, and walking back and forth adds even more manhours to accomplish the task.

To solve this problem, TechLine Mfg. provides grating clamps that easily mount an instrument stand or other device to grating surfaces. The grating clamps insert easily and quickly, making fast work of a tedious job.

From someone who has spent time in his career installing instrument stands using both methods, TechLine Mfg. business developer Cade Millet offered, “Grating fasteners look better, save time, work faster, and are so much easier to use. To use them, first install them on the instrument stand, then take to where you need to install it onto the grating platform. Just tighten down the bolts. Quick and easy.”

Problem solved.

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