Industrial Jobsite Problem #321

Industrial Jobsite Problem #321

* Need to mount a piece of equipment to a structural beam
* Permit needed for welding
* Permit needed drilling into the beam
* Time and material for building sandwich brackets
* Use of consumables (drill bits, oil, hardware)

These are the challenges encountered on a job site where you need to mount an instrument stand, monitor, camera, or lighting to a structural beam. To avoid these problems, use TechLine Mfg.’s Beam Mount Bracket.

It is a great alternative, and saves time and trouble in the field. The bracket is efficient and effective for hanging wall-mount stands, lighting fixtures, t.v. monitors, and other items to support beams and requires no drilling or welding. Simply tighten the bolts.

All of these features result in the ultimate flexibility and efficiency in hanging a device on a structural beam.

Problem Solved.


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