Industrial Jobsite Problem #458

Industrial Jobsite Problem #458

·       Need heavy lift equipment to move heavy racks
·       Need to move a rack once it has been installed to another place
·       Need a quick and easy way to build a rack to your specifications to support remote I/O cabinets, electrical panels, etc.

These are problems with using tradition welded racks in an industrial facility. Unlike these traditional products, TechLine Mfg.’s ModRack is a modular support rack that can be assembled in the field, using off-the-shelf stanchions, receivers, and strut products for crossbars. This modular configuration allows for easier shipping and easier transporting once it gets to the job site. The racks can be used as temporary or a permanent fixtures, since they  are easy to disassemble. Because its cross supports are made from strut, they can be cut to the size needed.

All of these features result in the ultimate flexibility for companies seeking to find better ways to support their electrical panels and cabinets.

Problem solved.


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