TechLine Mfg. Announces Innovative New Angle System

Our new Speed Splice Angle System is the latest innovation from TechLine Mfg. This cost-saving and time-saving splice uses patented push-pin technology to connect our extruded aluminum perforated angle. Using the same technology as the company’s Snap Track Channel system, the new angle system utilizes a push pin system to save labor and reduce costs.

The pins eliminate the need for nuts and bolts and tools, decreasing installation time, resulting in time and labor savings. The Speed Splice Angle System is made from extruded marine-grade aluminum (6063-T6), and the pinned angle splice’s inward-C design encloses the angle on its edges, holding the angle in place and giving strength to the connection of two lengths of angle. The push pins hold it securely in place.

Angle, along with associated splices, is used in industrial settings to keep tubing secure and out of the way while maintaining a clean, sleek appearance in an industrial facility. Angle splices, or fittings, are parts used to route or connect two lengths of angle vertically or horizontally.

The company will continue to add new splice fittings, including inside and outside bend radius fittings, and others as requested by industry.

“We are excited about this new product offering to industry,” said Wendy D’Olive, owner and president. “Our customers have been very excited about this new angle system, knowing it will save them money and address the current labor shortage. As a company, we are excited to develop new products that provide solutions to industry challenges.”


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