Industrial Jobsite Problem #109

Industrial Jobsite Problem #109

Pigtails. Seriously.

-Need to keep analyzer cable out of the way

-Need to keep the area looking neat and tidy


When running analyzer cables from an instrument stand to the control room, the extra cable often times gets wound around the stand or otherwise just gets in the way, causing a tripping hazard and an eyesore, sometimes called “pigtails” when wrapped up in a circular pattern.


Whether it’s aesthetics, or  a safety issue, there is a solution for making it look better and become safer.


TechLine Mfg. has developed a capillary spool, used to eliminate these pigtails, decrease safety hazards, and improve the overall look of the area by containing the extra cable. Capillary spools are available in several materials, including hot dipped galvanized (HDG), aluminum or stainless steel.

Problem Solved.



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