Snap Track offers numerous fittings to make the system easy to install.

The Snap Track system was designed and is intended to be used as a UL Classified continuous assembly of straight sections, fittings, and accessories used to form a structural support, for the purpose of supporting, protecting, and securely fastening cables. When installed in a continuous manner the entire Snap Track system is UL classified as an equipment ground conductor (EGC).

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TechLine Mfg. manufactures take-off fittings to enhance ease of use for Snap Track cable tray systems.

Snap Track Take-off Fittings

Appropriate amount of Patented Push Pins are provided for a secure attachment.

Take-Off Fitting

Example: STCTO - * - * - * - 2 - AL - **

Please select number of sides, take-offs, width of take-off fitting and orientation.

Basic Part:

SnapTrack Take Off Fitting

Number of Sides: (1 or 2) 

Number of Take-offs: (1 or 2)

Width of Run Fitting:

(2”, 4” or 6”)

Width of Take-Off Fitting:

(2” Only)

Material Finish: Aluminum

Orientation of Take-offs:
(LH - Left Hand, RH - Right Hand)

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