TechLine Mfg. is a domestic manufacturer of Instrumentation & Electrical supports, and provides quality products to industrial jobsites and facilities around the world. The company has proven capabilities for supplying products to instrument and electrical bulk package providers for large scale domestic and export projects in sectors including LNG, Oil & Gas, Power, and PetroChem, among others. Established in 1982, TechLine Mfg. has about 50 employees working in its headquarters and factory located in Spanish Fort, AL., and in its Houston Texas Regional Service Center in La Porte, Tx.


Committed to customer service for over 30 years 

Since its beginning, TechLine Mfg. has served industrial construction markets guided by our core values:

Professionalism – We will always operate with the highest technical and ethical standards.

Quality - Through continuous improvement and stringent quality controls we will provide the highest quality products in our industry.

Customer Service -We will differentiate ourselves through a knowledgeable sales staff, flexibility to meet ever-changing customer needs, and superior customer service.

Integrity - We will always strive to meet our customers' requirements. When unable to we will communicate honestly and provide effective alternative solutions.


Positioning for the future through innovation

As part of our commitment to customer service, TechLine Mfg. is constantly listening to the needs of our customers and providing solutions. Through this process we were encouraged by contractors, engineering firms, and end users to develop Snap Track, an innovative ventilated channel tray system. It is used as an alternative to costly conduit runs, while providing the level of cable protection desired in the industrial market.

Based on the overwhelmingly favorable response to Snap Track, TechLine Mfg. has evolved into not only a leading tubing and instrument support manufacturer, but also an innovative leader in the electrical cable tray market.

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Mission Statement

TechLine Mfg.’s primary goal is to be a profitable world class manufacturer of instrument support and cable tray systems. We will continually design and provide industry with quality controlled innovative products and superior customer service. We will operate with the highest professional, ethical, safety and quality standards. The management team will continually develop policies and procedures to ensure these objectives are met, while fostering a team culture where all employees work toward these common goals, maximize their individual potential, and share in the results.


Environmental, Social & Governance


TechLine Mfg. takes seriously environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in our business. We recognize it is up to us to make this world a better place, and we make that a part of our every day activities from saving energy and labor, to making sure our employees go home safely each day.

Resilience - We are focused on long-term financial performance and resilience within our business and our industries. In good times and bad, TechLine Mfg. works to build strength in our business, our customer base, and our employees.

Investment- TechLine Mfg. continues to invest in our business. From investing in training for our employees, to investing in new equipment to expand our capabilities, the company strives for continuous improvement.

Innovation – Our customers know us for our innovative products. Innovation saves time, money, labor, and reduces waste, fuel, and energy. A few examples are listed below:

  • Snap Track channel tray saves labor in the field; is lighter weight than traditional trays which reduces freight costs; and can be modified easily in the field, reducing waste and scrap on a job site.
  • Our Mod Rack modular rack product reduces labor in the field, is easier to transport due to its modular construction, and doesn’t require heavy lift equipment in the field, all of which contribute to lower fuel costs, less energy, less labor, and higher efficiencies.
  • Our Beam Mount Bracket is used to mount instruments, monitors, lighting, and other items to a structural beam. The product installation requires no welding, no fire permits, no structural engineering reviews, etc. Like many others, this product saves labor, fuel, energy, and time.

Customer Satisfaction – TechLine Mfg. repeatedly gets high marks and praise from our customers on our annual customer surveys. Our employees develop relationships with our customers, understanding their challenges and providing solutions, which results in satisfied customers.

Employer of Choice – TechLine Mfg. continues to be an employer of choice. While we continue to grow and add staff, many of our employees have been with the company since its inception, and many others have been a part of the organization for years. The turnover rate is very low, serving as a testament to the enjoyable and positive work environment.

Safety – As a manufacturer, safety is an integral part of our every day routine at TechLine Mfg. We strive for a perfect safety record every year. We follow all regulations and laws, train our employees, engage with our workforce, provide safety equipment, and send our employees home safely every day.

Quality – Companies stay in business with repeat business. Our quality program results in good products, quality results, and repeat business.

Eliminating Waste – Using recyclable materials in most of our products is one of many ways we reduce waste at TechLine Mfg.

Restoring Nature – We sponsor, and our employees engage in many activities that conserve our natural resources in our areas of business. Living and working on the Gulf Coast, our employees enjoy watersports, our beaches, the forests, and participate in activities that keep the environment pristine and enjoyable for future generations.



TechLine Mfg. is proud to be affiliated with the following fine organizations, among others:


                TechLine Mfg. currently employs the Vice Chair for the NEMA BI-CT Section.

Cable Tray Institute

                We have active members and committee chairs.





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