Racks and support systems are used in industrial facilities to support electrical equipment such as junction boxes, panels, enclosures, remote I/O, etc.  

TechLine Mfg. manufactures both bolted modular rack systems and fully-welded pre-fabbed custom fixed-racks to accommodate a wide variety of equipment. We offer a complete solution for mounting panels, enclosures, junction boxes, instruments, etc. We also offer prefabricated stop button stands, etc., based on customer specifications. All of our instrument and electrical support racks, including our electrical panel racks, are rated for outdoor and heavy industrial use.

Our ModRack enables the user to assemble it easily in the field, providing a flexible, cost-efficient and safe solution. The ModRack uses our readily available stock-item stanchions, receivers and strut products, and is easily and quickly assembled on the job site.

Our fully-welded custom FixedRacks are built to your specifications, prefabbed and ready to install when you receive them. GIve us a call or fill out our RFQ form to let us know what you need.

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