TechLine Mfg. Distribution Manifolds, also known as Air Headers, Steam Headers, etc., are used to divert a single gas or liquid feed line to multiple locations or devices. Manifolds can be customized with any number of ports and supplied with or without various types of valves.  Bleed valves are also available.  All TechLine Mfg. manifolds are pressure tested to the customer specification prior to shipment.  Pressure ratings to 6000 psi are available.

Distribution ManifoldDistribution Manifold   

Available in various pipe sizes, schedules and lengths, the distance between taps may vary depending upon customer specifications. Standard dimensions are 4-1/2” apart. Connections are available in threaded, socket weld or flanged.

Two piece 1/2’ threaded TechLine Ball valves and 1/2” bleed valve.

Distribution ManifoldDistribution Manifold   


Carbon steel is standard. Aluminum, 304SS, and 316SS materials available upon request.

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