Distribution manifolds, also known as air and steam headers, are used to divert a single gas or liquid feed line to multiple locations or devices. They are also used to evacuate unwanted fluid or condensation from the vent valve before it gets to the operating machinery and causes corrosion.

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Manufacturing Process of Distribution Manifolds

TechLine Mfg.’s Engineering Department works with each customer to build each manifold to the exact specifications needed.  Each manifold is welded to exact specifications listed on the production drawing developed. The body is made from welded s/40 pipe and the ports can be a male or female orientation in the size of choice. Male ports are 3” long threaded pipe nipples and female connections are usually half couplings welded to the body. On the ends we offer the option of a male, female, socket weld or 150# raised face flanged inlet and threaded, capped, or vent valve on the other end which would allow condensation to exit the system. Ball valves and vent valves are also available to consolidate purchasing and assembly process to save time.

Distribution Manifold Applications

These manifolds are utilized at any type of plant, warehouse, machine shop where a large compressor supplies multiple fixed air supply lines to secondary uses of the compressed air.

Air Manifold Materials

The most common materials used for manifolds are stainless steel and carbon steel. We do not advise using aluminum for air manifolds due to its weak nature. Stainless steel is the strongest and longest lasting material we can use, while carbon steel is the most cost-effective. Aluminum, 304SS, and 316SS materials available upon request.

Pressure Testing for Distribution (Air) Manifolds

All TechLine Mfg. manifolds are pressure tested to the customer specification prior to shipment. We do so because pressure testing allows us to look over the entire manifold to ensure there aren’t any leaks in the welds, valves, and connection threads. Upon request, any manifold can be further tested by having all welds X-ray tested and dye-penetrant tested. This completely checks the welds for full penetration unions.

Distribution ManifoldDistribution Manifold   

Available in various pipe sizes, schedules and lengths, the distance between taps may vary depending upon customer specifications. Standard dimensions are 4-1/2” apart. Connections are available in threaded, socket weld or flanged.

Two piece 1/2’ threaded TechLine Ball valves and 1/2” bleed valve.

Distribution ManifoldDistribution Manifold   

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