Tech-Mount Modular Systems:

TechLine Mfg. offers a modular instrument stand system, allowing you to configure the instrument stands as you need them for field-mounted instrumentation.  The system is composed of separate components that can be combined to assemble an instrument support.  Please call TechLine Mfg. for help configuring components needed for your requirements.

The Tech-Mount Modular Wall Mount Stand

TLIS2WM1-16-_ _

General Specifications

U-bolt Mount Stand

16” long 2” round or square leg extension for use with primary modular instrument stand. Fully galvanized steel welded cap provides weather tight seal as standard

¼” steel plate 5X7


Carbon steel is standard. Aluminum, 304SS, and 316SS materials available upon request.


Hot dipped galvanized (meeting ASTM A 123-89 specification) is our standard coating. 

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