Wall Mount Instrument Stands

TechLine Mfg. manufactures stock and custom instrument stands. We maintain large inventories in standard heights and configurations. TechLine Mfg. also produces custom instrument stands to your specifications.

3D CAD Modeling files for instrument stands are available on our Resources area under Modeling Files & Typical Installation Details  under Accessories.


Standard TechLine Mfg. instrument stands are fabricated from 2" Schedule 40 Pipe and utilize a flat cap design along with 8" X 8" X 3/8" base plates.

Wall Mount Stand

TechLine Mfg.’s Wall Mount Stands, or bull horn stands, are unique and provide efficiency in the field with reduced field labor.

Wall Mount Stand

Additional Beam Mount Bracket provides unique installation and added efficiency in the field.

All Wall Mount Stands Cut Sheets can be found below the chart.

Click here to view our Beam Mount Brochure. 

Wall Mount Stand

Example: TLIS - 2 - WM - 1 - GV - 8

Basic Part:

TechLine Instrument Stand 

Size of Pipe: (2” or 3”)

Type of Mount:

Wall Mount (WM)

No. of Columns:

1, 2 or 3 

Material Finish:

Aluminum (AL)

Galvanized (GV)

304SS (4SS)

316SS (6SS)

Base Plate Size:

8” or 10”

(1/4” or 3/8” Standard Thickness)

Beam Mount Bracket

Beam Mount Bracket

Beam Mount Bracket attaches Wall Mount Stands to Beams

TLISBM _ _ - 4 – 6

Beam Mount for 8” X 8” Base Plate Instrument Stands.

  • Adjusts from 4” to 6” wide beams
  • Standard 8” X 8” base plate hole dimensions for mounting


Carbon steel is standard. 304SS, 316SS materials available upon request.


Hot dipped galvanized (meeting ASTM A 123-89 specification) is our standard coating. Optional coatings available upon request.

Wall Mount Stand Configurations

Columns Base Plate Height Finish Description Stock/Custom TechLine Mfg. Part #
1 8"x8" 12" Galvanized 2" pipe, single wall mount, 9" out, 12" up Stock/Custom* TLIS2WM1GV-8
2 8"x8" 12" Galvanized 2" pipe, double wall mount, 9" out, 12" up Stock/Custom* TLIS2WM2GV-8
3 8"x8" 12" Galvanized 2" pipe, triple wall mount, 9" out, 12" up Custom TLIS2WM3GV-8

*Galvanized is standard. Other materials available upon request: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Metallized, Paint.

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