Angle Fittings are used with angle, which is used in industrial settings to route instrument tubing. Angle fittings are parts used to route or connect two pieces of angle vertically or horizontally. These parts are generally made of two plasma cut pieces that are welded in the center to match the correct radius desired so that the fitting bolts to the outside of the angle like a splice. This product keeps tubing secure and out of the way, while maintaining a clean, sleek appearance. For angle fittings, TechLine Mfg. has a high standard of quality material, inspecting a high percentage of all parts produced, and ensuring materials are provided to the customer in a flawless and timely manner.

TechLine Mfg. offers a full assortment of fittings for our Angle Trays, including Splices, Short and Long Radius Elbows. All are in our standard finishes

  • AL: Aluminum (12 Gauge Thickness)
  • SS: 304 Stainless Steel (16 Gauge Thickness)
  • HDG: Hot Dipped Galvanized, ASTM A-123 (12 Gauge Thickness)

Angle Fitting Materials

TechLine Mfg. carries angle fittings in Aluminum, 304 and 316 stainless steel, and hot dipped galvanized carbon steel. When choosing a material for angle fittings, TechLine considers factors that include climate, holding weight, stain and corrosion resistance, cutting abilities and material costs. 

Material Benefits

Lighter/cost effective option
Medium strength
Appealing looks
Easily cut and does not rust

Galvanized Steel

More rigid/ heavier option

Stainless Steel

Highest tolerance from rust/corrosion
Lighter strength
Appealing looks

Click here to view All Angle Fittings Cut Sheets

Angle Splices

_ _ indicates material choice

W D Weight
Angle Splice
TLAS-2-2-AL 2” 2” 1 LBS
TLAS-2-2-HDG 2” 2” 2 LBS
TLAS-2-2-SS 2” 2” 1 LBS
TLAS-3-3-AL 3" 3" 1 LBS
TLAS-3-3-HDG 3" 3" 2 LBS
TLAS-3-3-SS 3" 3" 1 LBS


Radius Elbows

_ _ indicates material choice

90°Outside Elbow 3” Radius
TLOE-2-2- __ __ 3R 2” 2” 9.5” 
TLOE-3-3- __ __ 3R 3” 3” 9.5”

_ _ indicates material choice

90°Inside Elbow 3” Radius
TLAV-2-2- __ __ 3R 2” 2” 9.5” 
TLAV-3-3- __ __ 3R 3” 3” 9.5”

_ _ indicates material choice

90°Outside Elbow 12” Radius
TLAOE-2-2- __ __ 12R 2” 2” 19”
TLAOE-3-3- __ __ 12R 3" 3" 19"

_ _ indicates material choice

90°Inside Elbow 14” Radius
TLAIE-2-2- __ __ 14R 2” 2” 19” 

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