Snap Track Splices

Snap Track offers numerous fittings to make the system easy to install.

Snap Track Splices also serve as thermal expansion splice, eliminating the need for additional parts.

The Snap Track system was designed and is intended to be used as a UL Classified continuous assembly of straight sections, fittings, and accessories used to form a structural support, for the purpose of supporting, protecting, and securely fastening cables. When installed in a continuous manner the entire Snap Track system is UL classified as an equipment ground conductor (EGC).

TechLine Mfg. manufactures long radius elbow fittings to enhance ease of use for Snap Track cable tray systems.

Snap Track Offset & Adjustable Fittings


Snap Track Adjustable Splices

Installation Guideline:

Adjustable Splices allow for offset changes in the vertical direction or an adjustable radius in the horizontal direction.

Note: A Bonding Jumper is required for electrical continuity.

See accessory section for bonding jumpers. 


W D LWeight
Adjustable Vertical Splice
STAVS-2-2-AL 2" 2" 23” 2 lbs
STAVS-4-2-AL 4" 2" 20” 2 lbs.
STAVS-6-2-AL 6" 2" 20" 2 lbs.


W D LWeight
Adjustable Horizontal Splice
STAHS-2-2-AL 2" 2" 20” 2 lbs
STAHS-4-2-AL 4" 2" 19.5" 2 lbs.
STAHS-6-2-AL 6" 2" 19.5" 2 lbs.


Note:  All splices may be used as a thermal expansion. When utilized as a thermal expansion, use Expansion Splice Hardware Kit, part EJBKSS. Find that in Threaded Fasteners

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