TechLine Mfg. accessories offer additional utility for Snap Track users. From covers to dividers to expansion guides, etc., our accessories cut down on field fabrication. Using TechLine Mfg. accessories reduces installation time and labor costs.

TechLine Mfg. listens to our customers and provides solutions for various challenges in the field.

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Snap Track Conduit Bracket

Snap Track Conduit Bracket attaches to Snap Track Cable Tray to allow exiting of the tray via conduit.  The conduit can be secured to the bracket by strut clamps. (2) Patented Push Pins are provided for a secure attachment.

SnapTrack Conduit Brackets allow for an easy transition from cable tray to conduit.  The two (2) hold down clamps slide over the inside wall of the tray and are secured by two (2) patented push pins.  The cable can exit either from the top or bottom of the tray. Conduit is secured utilizing traditional strut clamps. NOTE: Strut pieces are 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” solid, back to back with 2 hold down clamps. (Strut pieces are 1 5/8" X 1 5/8" solid, back to back with two hold down clamps.)

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