TechLine Mfg. clamps are manufactured from corrosion resistant, high strength materials. These clamps secure instrument tubing within our perforated angle and channel tray products.

TechLine Mfg. offers a full range of tubing clamps for use with our TechLine Mfg. core linear products and Snap Track.

TechLine Mfg. yoke, single and duplex clamps are available in a 316SS material finish.

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Tube OD No. of Tubes
Yoke Clamps
TLY4-2 1/4” 2
 TLY4-3   1/4” 2 thru 4
 TLY6-2   3/8” 2
 TLY6-3   3/8” 2 thru 3
 TLY8-2  1/2” 2
 TLY8-3  1/2” 2 thru 4
 TLY12-2   3/4” 2
 TLY4-10   variable sizes multiple
 TLY8-10   variable sizes multiple


Tube OD
Single Line Clamps
TLG4-1SSN 1/4”
TLG6-1SSN   3/8”
TLG8-1SSN   1/2”
TLG10-1SSN   5/8”
TLG12-1SSN 3/4”
TLG16-1SSN 1”

Tube OD
Duplex Clamps
TLD4-2   1/4”
TLD6-2 3/8”
TLD8-2   1/2”
TLD12-2  3/4”
TLD16-2  1”

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