TechLine Mfg. offers threaded fasteners for use with TechLine Mfg. tray systems, tubing clamps, instrument stands, and strut products. For styles and sizes not noted, please contact TechLine Mfg.

Standard finishes available are:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316SS
  • Zinc Plated
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized.
  • Aluminum

All standard size fasteners in stock.

All fasteners sold 100 pieces per bag. 

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Zinc Plated 304 Stainless Steel
1/4” Carriage Bolts
  ZP25CB.50 SS25CB.50
  ZP25CB.75 SS25CB.75
  ZP25CB1.00 SS25CB1.00
  ZP25CB1.25 SS25CB1.25
  ZP25CB1.50 SS25CB1.25
  ZP25CB2.00 SS25CB2.00
  ZP25CB3.00 SS25CB3.00
  ZP25CB4.00 SS25CB4.00
1/4” Hex Bolts
  ZP25HB.50 SS25HB.50
  ZP25HB.75 SS25HB.75
  ZP25HB1.00 SS25HB1.00
  ZP25HB1.25 SS25HB1.25
  ZP25HB1.50 SS25HB1.50
  ZP25HB2.00 SS25HB2.00
  ZP25HB3.00 SS25HB3.00
  ZP25HB4.00 SS25HB4.00
1/4” Slotted Cap Screw
  ZP25CS.50 SS25CS.50
  ZP25CS.75 SS25CS.75
  ZP25CS1.00 SS25CS1.00
  ZP25CS1.25 SS25CS1.25
  ZP25CS1.50 SS25CS1.50
  ZP25CS2.00 SS25CS2.00
  ZP25CS3.00 SS25CS3.00
  ZP25CS4.00 SS25CS4.00
Flat Washers
  (1/4”) ZP25FW (1/4”) SS25FW
  (5/16”) ZP31FW (5/16”) SS31FW
  (3/8”) ZP38FW (3/8”) SS38FW
  (1/2”) ZP50FW (1/2”) ZSS50FW
Lock Washers
  (1/4”) ZP25LW (1/4”) SS25LW
  (5/16”)ZP31LW (5/16”) SS31LW
  (3/8”) ZP38LW (3/8”) SS38LW
  (1/2”) ZP50LW (1/2”) SS50LW
Hex Nuts, Wing Nuts, and Lock Nuts
  (1/4”) ZP25HN (1/4”) SS25HN
  (5/16”) ZP31HN (5/16”) SS31HN
    (1/4”) SS25LN
  N/A 3/8X2 UBOLT 316SS
3/8" and 1/2" All Thread Rods
Expansion Splice Hardware Kit
6 ¼”X ¾” SS Phil Pan Head Bolt, 6 ¼” SS Nylon Insert Lock Nuts and 6 ¼” SS Flat Washers   EJBK-SS

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