Snap Track offers numerous fittings to make the system easy to install.

The Snap Track system was designed and is intended to be used as a UL Classified continuous assembly of straight sections, fittings, and accessories used to form a structural support, for the purpose of supporting, protecting, and securely fastening cables. When installed in a continuous manner the entire Snap Track system is UL classified as an equipment ground conductor (EGC).

TechLine Mfg. manufactures conduit outlet fittings to enhance ease of use for Snap Track cable tray systems.

Conduit Outlet Fitting

(4) Patented Push Pins are provided for a secure attachment.

Allows for a direct conduit connection to any size Snap Track tray.  A 3/4” and 1” conduit knockout is located on each side rail to provide for up to four conduit entries.

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W D LWeight
Conduit Outlet Section
STCOS-2-2-AL 2" 2" 16” 1 lbs
STCOS-4-2-AL 4" 2" 16" 2 lbs.
STCOS-6-2-AL 6" 2" 16" 3 lbs.

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