Snap Track Tray and Fitting Covers


TechLine Mfg. accessories offer additional utility for Snap Track users. From covers to dividers to expansion guides, etc., our accessories cut down on field fabrication. Using TechLine Mfg. accessories reduces installation time and labor costs.


Snap Track Covers and Snap Track Fitting Covers

TechLine Mfg. offers covers for our Snap Track channel tray and Fittings and are available in 2”, 4”, and 6” widths.

The covers are designed to:

  • Provide maximum cable protection
  • Reduce EMI effects
  • Eliminate dust and dirt build-up on cable
  • Secure easily to Snap Track Tray with TechLine Mfg. Cover Clamps (see cutsheet below). 





Width   Depth   Length   Weight   
STCV-2-AL 2.30" 0.5" 10' 2lbs
STCV-4-AL 4.30" 0.5" 10' 4 lbs
STCV-6-AL 6.30" 0.5" 10' 6 lbs


Cover Clamps



Snap Track and Fitting covers may be secured with Cover Clamps.            

  • Assembles to Snap Track Tray and Cover without tools
  • Provides a better alternative method to secure the cover
  • Eliminates the need to cut straps and replace when opening the cover
  • Manufactured in 304 SS  only.




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