Snap Track Channel Tray

TechLine Mfg.’s innovative channel type cable tray is a UL Classified product with patented push-pin assembly, and works well for electrical and fiber optic cabling in an industrial plant. As a less expensive alternative to conduit, some customers have saved millions on large projects using this product. 



  • Quick, easy installation
  • Unique patented push-pin assembly requires less time to install
  • Longer span distances requires fewer supports
  • Large selection of fittings: 15° - 36° large radius, waterfall, etc.
  • Flexibility for future cable runs
  • UL Classified marine grade aluminum
  • Large inventories ready to ship

See configurator below to download drawing files

Snap Track Splices

Snap Track offers numerous fittings to make the system easy to install.

Snap Track Splices also serve as thermal expansion splice, eliminating the need for additional parts.

The Snap Track system was designed and is intended to be used as a UL Classified continuous assembly of straight sections, fittings, and accessories used to form a structural support, for the purpose of supporting, protecting, and securely fastening cables. When installed in a continuous manner the entire Snap Track system is UL classified as an equipment ground conductor (EGC).

TechLine Mfg. manufactures long radius elbow fittings to enhance ease of use for Snap Track cable tray systems.


  • (4) Patented Push Pins are provided for a secure attachment.
  • Round Holes 9/16”
  • Slotted Holes 0.312” X 1.25”
  • Fittings fabricated from 12 gauge aluminum



Below is a configurator for our Snap Track channel and splice products.  Snap Track Channel is 2”X2”, 4”X2” and 6”X2” and is available in 20 ft. lengths. Splices are in 16” lengths.  Use configurator below to develop and download 3D design files in your desired format.

To use the configurator, select the part you want on the left side. Select the size you want and preview and download the file using the blue buttons above the part. To download complete libraries, select the red button at the top. Please call us if you have any questions at 1-800-395-3369.


Snap Track Cable Tray and Splice

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