TechLine Mfg. offers various supports for its Snap Track products including hangers, brackets and clamps.

Cable Tray Hanger

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Support Locations- Cable Tray

(Reference: NEMA VE-2 Current Issue)

Supports should be located so that connectors (splice joints) between horizontal runs fall between the support point and quarter point of the span. The Support Span should not be greater than the straight section length. Snap Track tray standard 20’ lengths.

Snap Track Single Hanger Brackets

Cable Tray Hanger Brackets

Used for overhead or beam mounting when installed with a beam clamp.

• Adjusts to fit 4” or 6” Tray

• Includes 3/8” Threaded Rod and Nuts*

• ¼” Thick Aluminum Load Capacity 50 lbs.

Single Hanger Bracket

Threaded Rod

* 3/8-16UNC Zinc Plated Mild Steel

  XX- Specify either 10(ft) or 12 (ft) length

Installation Guide:

Thread top nut onto rod approximately 2.5” then assemble hanger onto the rod and secure with bottom nut.

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