Snap Track Expansion Guides

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Cable Tray Expansion GuideInstallation Guideline:

Thermal expansion guides are recommended per NEMA VE-2 to provide longitudinal movement from a fixed point.

When installing Snap Track Expansion Guides, two guides should be used and attached to each side rail. 

Installation Guideline:

The cable tray should be anchored at the support nearest to its midpoint between expansion splices, and secured by expansion guides at all other support locations. The cable tray should be permitted longitudinal movement in both directions from that fixed point- NEMA VE-2 (Current Issue). 

Standard Snap Track splices maybe used as expansion plates when secured to the tray with ¼” carriage bolts and nylon insert nuts. 

Do not strap tray or fitting covers within 3 ft. of expansion guides.

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