Cable Tray Bonding JumperSnap Track requires only single bonding jumper.

Installation Guideline:

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A bonding jumper is required to be installed with adjustable splices and expansion splices

Install Bonding Jumpers by bolting each lug to a 5/16 square hole located at each end of the channel. Do not use splice plate bolt or pin locations to connect the jumper to the splice plate.  Only connect to the channel.

2 AWG Soft Drawn Tin Plated Copper Stranded Cable. Extremely flexible flame retardant PVC (VW-1) Insulation. Resists abrasion, oil, acid, and diesel fuel. 

Green Cable Tray Bonding Jumper


Standard Snap Track bonding jumpers are 36” in length and are designed to span the discontinuity of all expansion splices and adjustable fittings. Optional lengths are available.

**Standard color is Green.  Please consult factory for optional colors.

Installing a Bonding Jumper


Bonding Jumpers
ST0203-14-07-36-1 2" 36" 500
ST0203-14-07-24-1 2" 24" 500
ST0203-14-07-12-1 2" 12" 500

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