TechLine Mfg. accessories offer additional utility for Snap Track users. From covers to dividers to expansion guides, etc., our accessories cut down on field fabrication. Using TechLine Mfg. accessories reduces installation time and labor costs.

TechLine Mfg. listens to our customers and provides solutions for various challenges in the field.

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Snap Track End Plates and End of Tray Exit

Cable Tray End Plate  Cable Tray End Plate

Snap Track End Plates

Snap Track End Plates are used for dead-end closure and indicates the termination of a cable tray run.

• Assembled to Snap Track tray with patented Push Pin.

• Designed with ½” or 1” conduit knock-outs.

(2) Patented Push Pins are provided for a secure attachment. 

Installation Guide: Align both 9/16” round holes prior to making the final tray cut on a dead-end run.

Note: Knock-outs provide for the attachment of conduit to the cable tray. If a UL listed fitting is not used it will provide only a mechanical connection, not an electrical connection. In order to make an electrical connection without a UL listed fitting, an equipment grounding conductor must first be run from the conduit to the cable tray.

Snap Track Conduit Grommets

Max. Panel Thickness: 0.125”

Circular Punch Hole: for ½” & 1” Conduit.  Color: Black

Installation Guideline: For maximum cable protection install Snap Track Grommets wherever conduit knockouts are used without conduit fittings.

Snap Track End of Tray Exit drop outs are designed to allow cables to freely spill out of the end of the tray while providing the proper bend radius protection. 

Cable Tray End of Tray Exit  Cable Tray End of Tray Exit  Cable Tray End of Tray Exit

TechLine Mfg. also offers an Edge Protector.

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